Friends of the Library

The rains had not yet stopped before many of you began offering Harris County Public Library your help and support. We were not surprised; we know you. Still, we cannot adequately express our gratitude for your generosity.

When the scope of the damage became apparent, many of you told us how your library has been a constant in your lives and in your children’s lives—a source of pleasure and growth, as well as a refuge. We know that when you saw the damage and heard that Baldwin Boettcher, Barbara Bush, Kingwood and Katherine Tyra at Bear Creek will be closed indefinitely, it was not unlike losing someone close to you. We want to assure you that Harris County Public Library intends to bring back all of these libraries better than ever.  Also, our 22 other branches returned to normal operating hours on Monday, September 11.  Click on this link to find the branch closest to you:

How you can help:

For those of you who have generously offered assistance to any of the four branches that remain closed here is what you should know.

Monetary donations: the most effective way to help the four closed branches is a donation of any size to your branch’s friends group, or to the umbrella group, Harris County Friends of the Library. Friends groups will put your contribution to work helping to rebuild branch collections that were lost in the floods, and to support library programming.

Any donations that come through the Harris County Friends of the Library (HCFOL) will be distributed to the four libraries that were damaged during Hurricane Harvey. HCFOL is a 501c3 charitable organization.

To donate send a check payable to HCFOL and mark it Harvey or flood in the memo line.

Send to:   Harris County Friends of the Library, ATTN: Linda Stevens
                 5749 South Loop East     Houston, TX 77033

Volunteering: Equally effective is to donate your time to become an active member of any of the friends groups.

Finally, the Friends want to thank you all for your support and good thoughts. We will provide periodic progress reports as we move forward.

Thank you,

The Harris County Friends of the Library Board of Directors


Harris County Friends of the Library are a group that is active in providing funds for programming and materials for the Harris County Public Library. The Friends are an active volunteer group that raises money for the library through books sales, volunteer-sponsored programs, Friends memberships and sales of library t-shirts and other memorabilia. These monies provide Harris County Public Library assistance with supplies and other costs for programming, library materials, and a variety of other library needs.

Contact the Librarian at your nearest Branch Library for details.